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Museum objects moving armed

6:50 A.M. yesterday, all workers have been rushed to the City Museum, on standby, ready for relocation of the heritage. According to reports, the city museum pieces from the original Museum Qian Shan Road 37th moved to the new Museum. To ensure that the Museum moved the shipping process is absolutely safe, total of 190 people on duty police force.

at 7 o'clock in the morning, reporters at the Museum of the city around the Museum, Museum South door alert, banned staff into the warning area, several soldiers in front is responsible for entering the Museum's staff and porters are validated, where documents carries no real name officer, are not allowed to enter. Around the Museum, visits back and forth and police with two dogs, sure. Reporter was informed that the City Museum also surrounded by armed police alert, banned staff inside.

according to the introduction, for the relocation of artifacts, Museum of the city a month ago, Museum inventory, packaging, and to ensure their accounts match. While, developed has practical of heritage relocation work programme, by repeatedly research, and analysis, and argument and the field study, number easy its draft, last formed has has operation sex of implementation programme, established has heritage relocation led group, implementation has heritage relocation staff and the post duties, clear has strictly of work discipline, developed has relocation route, and process and the handling note matters and the prevention burst event of plans, ensure heritage relocation absolute security.

loading car heritage double check

7:10 A.M. yesterday, reporters in the Municipal Museum of cultural relics storerooms of the Museum, pack some 400 cases have been completed, awaiting relocation.

reporters saw armed police inside the City Museum Museum also clear division of labor, dedicated to box reinforcement of cultural relics, has specialized in handling on the way, there are specialized in loading. Soldiers handling the packed relics first before the reinforcement Pack fixed artifacts on the outside and then tied a rope, and the two or four carefully carried on the transport heritage of private vehicles. In this process, the Museum staff to carry out every piece of recording, and armed police and public security are recorded, in front of the bus, another Member of the Museum staff will once again get in touch with previous records of Museum staff, Museum and car Museum is consistent. Only in identical circumstances, to proceed to the next step. Full standby after the car, three cars were loaded before they can form a team headed for the new Museum. Artifacts placed in the car also has the "good", does not allow folded in stowed to prevent damage from objects.

armed escort for transport along the "green light"

road transport is the most critical part of the process, all stakeholders have made full preparation.

yesterday at about 9 o'clock in the morning, convoy carrying Museum started out to the new Museum. Transport fleet consists of nine vehicles, three transport vehicles is responsible for loading objects. In addition, arrange the police by two personnel carriers, carrying weapons, before and after the convoy and armed escort, is also responsible for emergency incidents throughout the relocation process. Police determined the route in advance, according to the actual situation, set up an alternate route, date of the transport, in the event of traffic congestion, will immediately enable backup route.

yesterday's escort were smooth transit through each section has referred to the police for traffic, segment traffic control during transport, the whole team through every intersection, ensure non-stop pass, through traffic will resume after. Meanwhile, behind each loaded with relics of special transport vehicles, all bearing the seal, as well as a police car followed, prevent relics falling on the car. In each car, Museum staff are closely followed. Meanwhile, event affecting the safety of cultural relics in the process of handling emergencies, handling the immediate stop to ensure absolute security for cultural relics in the process of moving.

arrived at the only access into the new Museum

9:15 A.M. yesterday, the first transport heritage fleet arrived at the Museum of the city of new. New early pull up a cordon around the Museum, all doors have been closed, each has a special armed police on duty at the main gate, leaving only one door for the handling of cultural relics. Transport vehicle through the gate, and then again by the armed police handling of cultural relics to the new museum store. Staff of the new Museum is a museum moved again to carry out checks, view heritage number on the packing box, view the relics packaging without damage of the surface, after the check, save storage.

yesterday, the transport fleet is busy all day, heritage handling is complete. According to reports, the exhibition the Museum will soon be, trial operation of the new Museum will be opened on August 1.


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