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Unit: moving from function to compensate

I work in a factory electrician, earlier this year, factory because of environmental problems was asked to move to the outer suburbs. New factory has more than 30 kilometers away from my home, the factory does not provide us with Shuttle, commute too difficult, to this end, I offered to resign.

excuse me, I'm leaving it to the factory compensated?

Liu qinghe ' solo:

you can ask the unit to pay you compensation for termination of labor relations.

factory belonging to the labor contract, on the basis of significant changes in the objective circumstances, labor contracts could not be fulfilled. For this species situation, China labor contract method 40th article and 46th article clear provides, labor contract made Shi by according to of objective situation occurred major changes, led labor contract cannot perform, by employing units and workers consultations, failed to on change labor contract content reached agreement of, employing units should ahead of 30th written notification workers lifted labor relationship, and paid lifted labor relationship of economic compensation gold.


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